Jun 10, 2024

How it works

To use Qualia you need coins. We pay 25 coins for free into your account every year.
Every time a respondent completes an interview, we deduct coins from your account.
Non-profit and 'for-good' organisations: apply for more free coins.

Professional interviews

Professional interviews use GPT4-preview, the best available AI.
You can also add your own OpenAI API key to use fewer coins.
A typical 10-minute interview producing a transcript of about one page costs around one coin.

Buy coins

Bigger discounts - contact us

Coming soon: Basic interviews

Basic interviews are CHEAP OR FREE because they use a simpler AI model.
They work best with simple interviews, or with interviews which can be clearly structured into separate sections, where each section is a single topic.
This AI service can also be provided completely privately using our own servers.

Reducing the cost

All users get 25 free coins to use at Qualia when they sign up.
To limit your potential expenditure, a single interview which reaches 100 messages (50 from the respondent and 50 from Qualia) will be automatically ended.
It isn’t always easy to predict how much an interview will cost. Here are some things to consider.
  • An interview/instruction which is twice as complicated will cost nearly twice as much in total
  • An interview with twice as many messages will cost nearly twice as much in total, if all else stays the same
  • A larger number of short interviews will be cheaper, if all else stays the same
  • Later we will introduce interview scaffolding which will help to manage longer interviews and also make them cheaper.
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