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Jun 10, 2024

Response rate

Obviously you want to make sure that as many respondents as possible complete the interview.

Monitoring the response rate

  • Open rate: Use an email client which can let you see which and how many respondents opened your email. Some email clients will also let you see who clicked on the link.
  • Click-through rate. In the results tab, session table, you can see one row for epi respondent who visited the app.
  • Start rate. You can then see how many respondents made a meaningful start to the interview eg by saying yes they are ready to proceed.
  • Completion rate. This is the number of respondents who actually get to the end of the interview such that Qualia closes the interview correctly.

Improving the response rate

  • Open rate.
    • The email should come from an actual person known to and ideally trusted by the respondent.
    • The title should be short and interesting .
  • Click-through rate.
    • Use some of our suggestions to provide a clear simple and engaging call to action.
    • Explain that other people have usually found the interview to be interesting and enjoyable.
    • Put appropriate caveats and technical information further down in the email but not in such a way that respondents feel they have to read every letter before they click the link.
  • Completion rate.
    • This is a bit more challenging than with some other kinds of data collection because it is not possible to give a precise feedback about how far through the interview is at any point, Because Qualia does not follow a preset set of questions.
    • There is an orange progress bar underneath the respondent text box which gives some visual feedback.
    • Qualia is instructed to also provide verbal feedback like “we are nearing the end of the interview” as far as this is possible.
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